SEO Case Study…

There’s a company in Calgary that sells to people who want to buy DiSC Profiles Online.  Their website is very well done with great content and layout.  However, they needed to rank higher on Google in order to get more traffic and more sales.  Within one month of doing some natural search engine optimization they saw great results.  Their website went to the first page for most of their primary keywords.  The result is that they starting to receive more phone calls and closed more deals!

It should also be noted that this company is doing pay per click advertising as well.  The PPC isn’t nearly as effective as having high organic rankings but it is still very effective.  Their budget isn’t very high each month but just getting ONE good customer will pay for the entire year.

It’s always good when you start your SEO campaign to supplement it with Google Adwords.

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Getting Good Links To Your Website…

Google is going to war against spam.  They don’t like shitty content whose only purpose for existence is for providing a back-link.  It used to be that any links going to your website helped.  However, this created all kinds of problems since the Internet was becoming full of spammy content just for the sake of back-linking.

Enter Google Penguin on April 24, 2012 which shook the SEO world.  Google declared war against this entire idea of creating spam back-links through spun content or bought content on the Internet.  For the last two years Google has been aggressively targeting most link building tactics.  And if you are found guilty by the Almighty Google then your website will be bitched slapped to oblivion.

So linking has now become risky.  You can’t buy links (against Google’s terms of service) and you can’t use automated tools to gain lots of links (leaves a huge footprint and easy to detect).

So what CAN you do?

Well, if you listen to Mr. Cutts he will tell you to simply create really good content and magically your website will start rising to the top.  However, this is a pipe dream and anybody that knows anything about SEO knows this is rubbish.  The entire reason Google has cracked down on link building so hard is because links still are the primary driver for rankings.

However, it isn’t just volume anymore, it is now all about quality.  It is the type/kind of link you get that matters.  You need to start getting links from authoritative and trustworthy websites.  And this takes a lot of time and you need to know what you are doing!  The other alternative is to hire a good Calgary SEO company like EMethod and let them do it for you.